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Badstring Studio LTD is a professional music studio founded by a composer and producer, Kristijan Funaric, located in London, UK
It is specialised in creating music and sound effects for films, theater, animations and trailers, making it look and sound more attractive and dramatic to the consumer.
Music styles that Badstring produces are various: from solo piano to symphonic orchestra, or to a massive and modern ensemble that generates synthetic sounds. Until now we composed music for these instruments and styles: solo piano, solo strings, chamber ensembles (almost all common combinations), solo organ, string orchestra, symphonic orchestra, percussion duo, percussion trio, solo guitar, electric guitar, electronic ensemble, rock, breakbeat, urban and fusion ensemble, solo erhu. solo duduk, bagpipe, lute and many other combinations of instruments and synthetically generated instruments and sounds.


“Your imagination is the only limit.”


Sound effects are important part of our work. Most of videos ,especially trailers demand sound effects equally treated as music itself.
Sound effects that Badstring provides are various. From intense and loud rising effects, explosions, nature sounds to very calm or ominous atmospheric
beds. In creating effects , most of sounds we use are real recorded sounds from our database, or are about to be created specially on client’s demand.
Electronic and synthetic effects are programmed and modulated using different software tools.


Mastering is our service that is going to be available very soon.
Among all necessary tools for mastering, we will also have an option to finalize recording on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
Tape recorders are slowly coming back to use because of their immense clarity and warmth of sound, so we decided to use one in our studio.

Examples of our work are under “Portfolio” section.
All genres of music , sound effects and mastering service we can do at the moment can be found under “Services” section.

Badstring won a prize for a for the best Croatian theater music in 2009.