Irena Vrkljan
Digitalfilm, 2010

My city will be happy ,too
Digitalfilm,HRT, 2011

Congo-The Grand Inga Project
Red Bull, Fishmunga, 2012

Velikani u Sjeni (Complete Series)
Digitalfilm, HRT, 2014

The Last Plight (Trailer)
Sargon Saadi, 2015



Theatre Pieces

The Best Soup! The Best Soup!
ZKM Zagreb, 2008*

Auvergnan Senators
Academy Of Arts, Osijek 2009

HNK Zagreb, 2009**

Water Dreams
Academy Of Arts Osijek, 2010

HNK Varazdin, 2010

Short Films

Magic Chest
Luminus Studio, City of Varazdin, 2009

Discover Zadar
Digitalfilm,City of Zadar, 2010

Demo60, 2012

Dell Explainer Series
Dell, Demo60, 2012-2016

A Place In The Forest
Álex Montoya, 2014

Breeze Series
Breeze, Demo60, 2015

Ceremony Music, TV Shows

38th Varazdin Baroque Evenings Opening Ceremony music
City of Varazdin, 2009

11th European men’s handball championship host candidacy
Hungary-Croatia official candidate video, 2010

America’s Next Top Model (episodes 2116,2201,2213,2207)
CBS, UPN, 2015

ESL ONE-Frankfurt, Official Music
Esl One, 2015

TESLA MODEL 3, opening ceremony music, 2016


Sample Logic2013

The Book Of Revelation Series
Infowars, 2013

New World Order-Bible Version
Framingtheworld Productions, 2013

Free Compositions

Inland Empire
Sample Logic 2013

City Made Of Glass
Sample Logic , 2013

Unofficial release , 2013

Leaves Falling
Unofficial release , 2015


Nature Sound Studiest
Will be released during 2016.

Music Made With Noise-Project
Will be released during 2016.


Series of short explainers

Series of short explainers
Agia, 2013

Series of short explainers
Ixia, 2013

Series of short explainers
DELL, DEMO:60, 2013-2017



* Sound engineering, mixing and post-production works.
** Rewarded as the best theater music for the year of 2009